pagelines 2.3 wordpress theme frameworkWell the wait is over! PageLines 2.3 is finally out for all to download! My favorite WordPress Theme Framework, builds on the the amazing 2.2 release and adds several great features.  WIth out further ado, all the new PageLines 2.3 in order of how awesome they are:

  1. 3rd-tier drop-downs for NavBar
  2. All CSS moved to 100% {LESS} which increases performance, various bug-fixes and improvements to sections
  3. Image Uploader: “Select from Media Library”
  4. Pagination/pagers
  5. Better WordPres Gallery Support
  6. New Code Editors and Syntax Highlighting
  7. Forms and Inputs Library
  8. New Icon Font called Font Awesome
  9. Forms and Inputs Library
  10. Image Uploader: “Select from Media Library”
  11. Progress Bars


4 Responses to PageLines 2.3 Update for WordPress is Out

  1. Julie says:

    Hi there, i see you are very active on the pagelines comment with the update. since the update i have been experiening ongoing diddiculties, the formatting goes haywire and i loose the CSS ( ithink) – i have not upgraded to pro but i am reluctant to do it if i need to be a developer to make it work. I am handing the website to a client to manage their own content but with this unstability they are going to freak and i will not want to risk it. if you can assist i would be greatful. the problem seems to self fix after 12 hours or something i do, i am not sure but this is no way to work on dynamic, live web building. thanks in advance Julie

    • Julie says:

      not sure why the text is all white??

    • Mike says:

      Hi Julie,

      2.3 updated some of the css selectors PageLines uses due to refactored LESS logic. I found that during most site updates I had to spend about 15 mins updating my selectors to get them more accurate to ensure my styles were used.

      It all sounds like you may have some cache related issues if you are seeing a delay in your changes being applied. Are you using any cdn or caching plugins? Who do you host with?

      I personally recommend everyone runs the pro version because it makes things even easier and faster…even for those that are not a web developer.


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